Soft Skills For Hard Times

Soft Skills for hard times

  • Talent development is a key driver in improving the effectiveness and building the leadership potential of front-line employees. Many employees are limited by a lack of personal leadership skills. By building these skills, they can more capably take charge of their careers, work effectively in teams, and interact with others across the organization. In most cases, front-line employees have the capacity and desire to lead but do not receive the training designed to develop the leadership and communication skills they need to work with others effectively. Developing the soft-skills of front-line employees will have a significant impact on individual performance and organizational effectiveness. Providing training for front-line employees will help Saudi businesses become more powerful global competitors and help government Ministries carry out their important missions for the Saudi people.

  • We are committed to providing front-line employees with career development and training in essential workplace skills. We can develop the core leadership and anagement capabilities needed to build successful campanies and government Ministries and to speed the Saudiation of the workforce. our career development and workplace skills programs will develop the skills Saudi Arabia’s workforce need to become one of the most effective and competitive economies in the world.

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  • The Saudi Youth Leadership Development curriculum has been developed by sterling Institute and Four Dimensions Consulting to successfully transition Saudi youth from universitikes to management positions in both the private and public sectors of Saudi Arabia.

  • Sterling Institute has extensive experience in working with organizations to develop the management talents of their workers and to prepare them to transition successfully into management and supervisory roles. Ourcredibility in “Localizing” our program for Saudi audiences and our successful training experience in the Kingdom makes ua highly capable resource; one that you can trust to provide recent Saudi graduates with high quality leadership and management training

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  • Developing the core maagement and leadership competencies of 1st and 2nd level managers and supervious is critical to improving performance, increasing organizational effectiveness and achieving business results. Investing in leadership and management development is of vital importance for Saudi Arabia. Learning these skill sets will enable supervisors and managers to build strong businesses, compete globally and carry out the missionof their organizations.

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  • In an effect to support government and private-sector organization thatare implementing Lean operating techniques , Sterling Institute has developed a series of “Lean-focused” workshops to provide leadership tools and skills throughout the organization. key elements of the curriculum include learning to understand and lead change and developing people and teams to work successfully in a Lean work environment.

  • Sterling Institute has the experience, staff and training wolrkshops that help senior leaders, managers and front-line employees develop the leadership and team capabilities they need to successfully implement Lean and other continuous improvement metholdologies. In addition, we have a series of measurement tools to assist clients with identifying the current state of behaviors and practices that are helping or hindering lean performance and can lead the way for making change and adjustments. Post-action assessments can be taken to measure change. Our assessment tools provide insight into the behaviors required for implementing change initiatives, developing people and working in terms successfully.

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