Developmental Tools

Developmental Tools

  • To succeed in today’s constantly changing work environment, every executive, manager and supervisor has to carry out vital leadership responsibilities.

  • The Leadership Practices 360(LP360) provides insight into the practices of an effective leader.

  • The survey provides focused feedback from the manager’s direct reports on five critical dimensions of leadership.

  • By analyzing the areas of: leading through change, creating shared purpose, building relationships, empowering people and aligning for action, managers learn what they need to do to be more effective in carrying out the leadership roles expected of them.

  • Aggregate survey data from across the organization can help executive teams pinpoint the gaps between the leadership practices currently used within an organization and the expectations employees have of their leaders.

  • An analysis of high quartile leaders reveals best practices within the organization and provides an important benchmark for every leader to emulate.

  • Individual feedback from the Management Practices Survey (MPS) helps managers at all levels of the organization identify and analyze the factors that influence the performance, motivation, and job satisfaction of those who report to them.

  • The survey is designed to help executives, managers and supervisors obtain the views of their direct reports regarding the factors that are influencing their effectiveness.

  • By analyzing the data in the areas of: performance expectations, effective authority, teamwork, performance evaluation and development, rewards and recognition and responsibility for results, managers are able to identify actions they can take to increase their personal effectiveness, achieve better results and gain greater satisfaction in carrying out their responsibilities.

  • The Work Effectiveness 360 (WE360) gives employees vital information on their effectiveness in working with others in their organization.

  • The WE360 can be used to provide important feedback to employees from peers, managers and other employees across the organization where there are no reporting relationships.

  • These working relationships are often vital to employee’s and the organization’s ability to achieve critical objectives.

  • The WE360 provides insight into those practices that are critical to working effectively within one’s work unit as well as getting things done across organizational lines.

  • Used at any level in the organization, the WE360 provides timely feedback on an employee’s effectiveness in: initiative and responsiveness, collaboration, problem solving, handling conflict, communication, and influence.

  • The WE360 enables employees to understand the impact they are having on other people in the organization and to take responsibility for improving their working relationships with them.

  • The Team Effectiveness Survey (TES) is an ideal diagnostic tool to help intact work teams, whether they are newly formed or have been in operation for some time, to assess their overall effectiveness and identify the steps the members can take to improve overall team performance.

  • Each team member, including the team leader, assesses the team as a group.

  • Data is not collected on individual team members; rather data is collected on the overall effectiveness of the team.

  • While each member is able to compare his or her self-assessment with the collective assessment of the team, the TES is a team diagnostic tool and not an individual assessment instrument.

  • By presenting aggregate results, the TES allows the members to focus on the collective performance of the team and avoid possible distractions caused by assessing each team member individually.

  • By reviewing the team’s purpose, its use of people, the power each member has, the performance of the team, and the team learning style, the focus of the debrief is to assist the team as a whole to reach consensus on the steps that everyone can take to increase their team’s overall effectiveness.

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