Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools

  • Some of our most popular personality test options include engineering tests and managerial tests, but we offer more than 100 tests with unlimited customization.

  • Whether you are a small business owner, company manager, or human resources professional, our tests will help you do the best job possible when hiring new employees.

  • Our tests are quick and easy to use — they are purchased and taken online, and the results are e-mailed back to you. And although we have more than 100 tests for different jobs and aptitudes, our staff of industrial psychologists can handle your unique needs.

  • Perhaps you’re not sure if personality and aptitude testing is useful? Consider this — we can provide 20 years of research proving that tests can help you hire great performers who will enhance productivity and profit, avoid costly hiring mistakes, reduce employee turnover by fitting the right candidate to the right job, and improve future training program results.

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  • Sterling Institute’s Training Needs Assessment will enable you to collect feedback from your managers and front-line employees on a broad range of soft-skill training needs.

  • We sort the assessment data by organizational level, department or other work unit of your choosing.

  • You can compare the assessments of any target population with those of their immediate supervisors.

  • In that way you will be able to identify what both the trainees and their bosses believe are the most important training needs.

  • We can quickly and cost-effectively tailor or custom design the assessment items so that they reflect what you consider the most important training topics in your organization.

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